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Is This Cockroach Feces and What Should I Do About It?

There’s little doubt that cockroaches are revolting enough to make even the most stouthearted man—or woman—run from the room. Nothing could be more disgusting you say? Before you answer that, put down that sandwich and take a little tour with me into the world of cockroach poop.

If there’s anything cockroaches love, it’s food. And like any creature, what goes in must come out—in a much nastier form. If there is enough of it, cockroach feces is pretty easy to spot. It looks like small brown or black cylindrical pellets that resemble ground coffee or grains of rice. If one or two cockroaches use your floors, cupboards, or counters as a latrine, you might not notice. But if you see a cluster of roach feces, you have a major infestation that requires immediate attention.

Cockroach droppings contain chemicals that act as attractive route markers for others to follow to locate a safe haven - the nest. And the stuff is long-lasting— if left alone it can fester on your floor for several years after the roaches are gone! This is not only sordid and horrible, it is also dangerous to some. Cockroach feces contains various substances which can trigger allergies or asthma attacks.

If you see even a little bit of cockroach feces you need to distribute numerous Combat cockroach bait stations around your home. Combat will quickly kill off the roaches in your house as well as those living in nests outdoors or in the walls. Thoroughly clean your kitchen and put food in airtight containers. Also use an all purpose cleaner like Soft Scrub to sanitize countertops, cupboards, floors, and appliances. Seal up cracks around doors and windows so roaches can’t come in.

If all this talk of cockroach poop is getting you down, let’s end on a positive note. Of the 4,500 different cockroach species, only about 30 live in human habitats and only a dozen or so are widely reviled as pests. Most species of roaches live in tropical habitats where they feed on all sorts of organic material from decomposing leaves to animal feces. The beneficial cockroaches redistribute the decaying matter as fertilizer. Without this cockroach poop, tropical ecosystems would cease to exist.