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Is Combat the Best Roach Killer?

Cockroaches are not only creepy to look at but they are also dangerous to have in your home. Roaches spread Salmonella and other bacteria, and spread intestinal diseases like dysentery. Cockroach feces and cast skins can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Getting rid of cockroaches might seem a daunting task with so many roach-killing products on store shelves. However if you cruise through the reviews on websites selling Combat Bait Stations, Combat Roach Killing Bait Strips, and Combat Roach Killing Gel you’ll find Combat kills even the roaches you can’t see.

After moving into a new house, reviewer Donna was tired of trying to get rid of roaches with spray. She couldn’t fully get rid of them so she decided to give Combat Bait Stations a try and gave the product a five star review, “I decided to try Combat and it has been two days and NOTHING in sight anymore! I love it!”

According to WalMart reviewer “NaggieMae”, she eliminated an infestation of baby roaches within two weeks. After spraying her house with a spray insecticide and seeing no results, she tried bait strips. “I live in an apartment complex where roaches can travel easily. I bought the Combat Bait Strips and after about two weeks, NO MORE ROACHES! I can see where the bait is being eaten away. I am very happy with this product and intend to buy more to have on hand. Already recommended to neighbors.”

As reviewed by “Motherhen”, Combat Roach killing gels had great, quick results: “We had purchased sprays that didn’t even seem to affect the roaches we were trying to kill. It is so easy to use and you can apply it anywhere, pretty much.” Another point that Motherhen made was that there wasn’t a smell – unlike sprays!

Before buying pest control products, do your homework and find out what others have to say about the products first.