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Is Ant-Man Coming to Your House This Summer?

Ants are amazing insects. They can carry 50 times their own body weight and communicate using chemicals called pheromones. Fortunately, ants cannot shape-shift from nearly microscopic to 100 feet tall. And ants are not super-smart, mystery solving, evildoer-killing superheroes. That’s Ant-Man and if he came to your house this summer, you would be set.

When Ant-Man is shrunk down to his tiniest size, he speaks to his fellow insects using a cybernetic helmet which he also uses to control the ants. Ant-Man could tell the ants that you’re a super nice person with too many other things on your mind to worry about an ant invasion. And Ant-Man could command the ants in your kitchen to leave immediately and go infest the house of your nasty neighbor. Or your mean boss. Or your romantic rival.

Unfortunately Ant-Man is going to be very busy this summer and it’s highly unlikely he is coming to your house. Unless you have a cybernetic helmet you’re going to have to address your ants in the only language they really understand: Combat.

Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips, Source Kill Max Ant Bait, and Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel speak to the ant’s love of delicious food. It is served with a dose of insecticide. In a scenario any superhero would love, the evildoing ants swarming across your kitchen floor and counters take the bait back to their colonies where it kills the workers, queen, and her larvae.

If you have so many ants that they seem to have superpowers that make them immortal, you need to react. In lieu of a visit from Ant-Man, Combat is the best way to command those ants to leave your home. While Combat goes to work eliminating your ant problem, you can go out and enjoy yourself. How about taking in a nice superhero movie?