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If Bugs Came Last Year They Will Probably Come Again

It might not be obvious when watching ants and roaches randomly scurry about, but these insects are the most predictable creatures in the world. They’re guided by their stomachs, their thirst, and their need to breed. Just as night follows day and spring follows winter, roaches and ants will return to your kitchen when the weather warms and the days grow longer.

Maybe last year you bought some sticky roach motels and bug spray, or you simply ignored the problem hoping it would go away. And yet here they are again, disease-spreading cockroaches and ants. These creatures have been around for something like 300 million years so odds are if they came last year, then they will be back again. That is, unless you decide to take care of your roach and ant problems with Combat.

Combat products are economical, easy to use, deadly to insects, and considered “relatively non-hazardous and virtually non-toxic” to people and pets by the Environmental Protection Agency. Unlike other pest products, Combat kills the roaches and ants in your home and the ones in their colonies or nests where they breed.

The ants and roaches are attracted to the bait; they eat some, and then return to the nest. The poison continues to work, spreading through the colony and killing off thousands of ants or roaches that have your home on their radar.

The world isn’t running out of cockroaches or ants, and there is no doubt that they will come again—and again—just as they did before. Get Combat and get those critters out of your life and your home.