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How to Prevent Ants and Roaches from Your Real Estate or Property for Sale

Whether you’re selling the family homestead, seeking tenants for an apartment, or flipping property for profit, ants and roaches are always unwelcomed houseguests. German cockroaches can threaten electrical wiring, American cockroaches slither up from sewers, and ants feast on crumbs, grease, and other foods left behind. This can leave your property crawling with live bugs and littered with dead ones. It’s not only gross, but bugs can chase off prospective buyers faster than a roach disappears down a drain.

Cockroaches and ants are always searching for food and water. When it’s hot and humid outside, the critters will creep into house looking for cool, clear water. When it’s cold and rainy, they’ll sneak into your home in search for shelter and warmth. If your property is empty while on the market, no one will be home to slow the insect invasion. But, there are several steps you can take to fight back against these creepy crawlers.

First, you have to deny the trespassers food. Both ants and cockroaches are attracted to food debris so a thorough cleaning of shelves and cabinets is a must. If necessary, pull the stove and refrigerator away from the walls and scrub these neglected areas until grease, food stains, and crumbs are gone. Roaches also eat paper, cardboard, and glue, like the packing boxes you might have lying around when you’re moving.

The next step is to block the intruders from entering your property. Cockroaches see cracks under doors as an open invitation. If you can slide a quarter through a crack, it’s big enough for la cucaracha to get through. Make sure you also seal up cracks around pipes and drains with caulk.

Finally, kill the intruders and stop their brethren from following in their six little footsteps. Roach and ant bait traps attract the insects with scrumptious, poisoned food. It is carried back to the nests and fed to fellow pests – killing pests at the source. You’ll have to wipe down the cabinets again, and vacuum the rugs thoroughly. When it’s over, only humans (and your pets) will inhabit your property.