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How to Keep Flies From Laying Eggs in Your House

The Common House Fly, Musca domestia, can be found in almost any environment aside from the most frigid climate. While never a welcome guest, the occasional fly is not typically an issue. Problems begin to arise, however, when they appear in larger numbers. Flies can carry dangerous diseases such as Typhoid and Cholera, which is picked up by the hairs of flies’ feet or mouthparts when they nest and feed on rotting and fecal materials. If you have flies appearing in crowds in your home, chances are you have a house fly infestation that needs to be dealt with. By following these tips for keeping flies from laying eggs in your house, you can prevent an infestation before it starts.



Flies want to lay their eggs in any warm or soft material that their larvae can consume. Your first line of defense against any bug infestation is to keep your entire living space clean of odors and food waste. Open garbage cans, dirty or sticky counters, and exposed food are just some of the food sources that attract flies. Clean up every time you have food and prevent messes from piling up. Get a cover for your garbage can or take it out before it begins to smell.




While keeping your living area clear of places for eggs and larval flies to grow, you’ll also want to keep flies from coming into your house. Make sure screens don’t have holes in them and doors are not left open in heavily populated areas. Keeping your trash covered or in a separate area also helps.




If you want a fast solution to congregating flies that will work well in combination with these tips for keeping flies from laying eggs in your house, think traps. Traps and bait work well outdoors or in areas where flies tend to pass through or linger inside. You might be surprised when setting up a glue trap to find dozens of flies stuck along the surface. With repeated application, you will find the number of caught flies to be fewer, reflecting a decrease in population.




If the previous tips are still proving ineffective, you may need to fight a possible infestation head on by finding the right expert to apply the pesticide necessary to eliminate some infestations. Before it gets that far, always keep in mind these tips for keeping flies from laying eggs in your house. They will help you avoid having to take this step.