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How to Get Rid of Picnic Pests

Nothing quite makes it seem like summer like getting family and friends together for a lovely picnic. However, you may have to contend with more than you were expecting if pesky bugs try to make your picnic their picnic. Fortunately for your potato salad, there are a few ways to keep the pests away.


Have Covers for Your Drinks


One of the most attractive spots at a picnic for bugs is sugar-filled drinks. Whether you are having a soda or wine, bugs will want a sip. Set your mind at ease by covering your drink with napkins, pre-cut foil, cheesecloth or any other similar material so that you will not have to worry about any unwanted guests. This will allow you to leave the table for a moment without having to worry constantly about your drink.


Keep Fans Handy


You may want to get a few portable fans for your picnic anyway so that everyone can remain cool in the summer heat. However, fans are also helpful because they can keep flies and other insects away. The pests will be no match for the breeze being created, and you can feel cozy with the wind blowing through your hair.


Keep a Glass of Wine Away From the Picnic Area


This might seem like a waste of perfectly good wine, but the potential benefits far outweigh the amount of drink you are losing. One helpful trick for keeping the bugs at bay is to pour a little wine into a glass and place it away from your picnic table. Flies and other bugs will be attracted to the liquid you have set out, so they will stay away from you and your guests.


Have Some Bait Stations on Hand


Plenty of products are available that you can place around your picnic station that will capture and kill pesky insects. Bait stations and bait strips kill ants and other bugs.  These items are a great way to eliminate insects in your backyard.  These useful items will get the job done.

You do not want people talking about your picnic for months to come for the wrong reasons. Ants can ruin a perfectly fun time with your loved ones, but with a few precautionary measures, you can go into the picnic with peace of mind. No pests are going to get into your sandwiches or beverages, so follow these helpful tips or employ some of your own.