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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in an Apartment Building

You might have the cleanest living space in the world - no open food containers, no crumbs under the toaster, no grease splatters around the stove, and a well-scrubbed, regularly emptied garbage can. But if you live in an apartment you still might have the dreaded cockroach scurrying through your kitchen.

While you might think you’re separated from your neighbor’s apartment, or from dwellers on another floor, think again. Under your floors and in your walls there are wires, pipes, vent shafts, and what builders call cable raceways. These conduits also serve as cockroach raceways as they travel from one apartment to another in search of food and water. While you can’t do much about your neighbor’s overflowing trashcans, leaking faucets, and backed up drains, you can take action to keep the disease-spreading roaches out of your residence.

First, grab the exterminator’s most important tool, a good flashlight. Look under the sink and in the corners of cabinets for telltale signs of roaches. These include dark smudges of coffee-like roach feces and yellowish, fingernail-sized egg casings. Grab some rubber gloves and a good all-purpose cleaner to clean up the mess.

The next step is to get serious with Combat Roach Killing Gel. This roach killer is perfect for apartments and similar to what exterminators use. The gel contains insecticide and roach attracting bait in an easy-to-use syringe. Squeeze the gel in gaps around drainpipes, cracks in the walls, and other places where cockroaches enter your apartment. 

Once this is done, place some Combat bait stations around your apartment. Combat uses an effective insecticide called fipronil. Roaches eat the poison and go back to the nest to die. The other roaches feed on the tainted feces and dead carcasses of their poisoned nest mates and the insecticide eliminates the entire nest.

A few weeks after using Combat, get out your trusty flashlight and a caulk gun and seal up every crack in the kitchen and bathroom with 100 percent silicone caulk. Cracks and holes are commonly found around sink pipes, behind the stove, where the gas line enters the apartment, around windows, around the tub or shower, around radiators, and near radiator pipes. The caulk lasts 20 years and should keep the roaches in your apartment building from using your home as a raceway.