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How to Control the Fly Population in and Around Your Home

Flies are annoying household pests. The buzzing noise of a fly can be an irritation to just about anyone. Even worse, if you are not careful, the flies will multiply. Before you know it, you might have more flies than you bargained for. If you want to minimize the flies in your home and control them from spreading, use these helpful tips.


Keep Your House Clean


A dirty home is more likely to attract the attention of flies. These homes often contain food sources for flies, even if you do not realize it. An unclean counter is enticing to a fly. For this reason, it is important to clean your house regularly. Also, make an effort to clean up after you eat. This will allow you to remove any food that might be attracting flies.


Cover Your Trash


Trash is another substance that is attractive to flies, especially if it contains rotting food. Even worse, flies can lay eggs in this area, causing more flies for you to deal with. To prevent this from happening, make sure you cover your trash. Also, take it outside often so that flies are less likely to lurk in your home.


Close Your Doors and Windows


Flies are more likely to enter a home with open doors or windows. If you like fresh air, make sure you have screens so the flies cannot get inside your home. When flies do enter the premises, shine the light towards a door or window to encourage them to leave.


Make Traps


For a more aggressive approach to dealing with flies, you can use sticky strips, buy traps, or make your own traps.


Place Plants Strategically


There are various plants and herbs that may help repel flies such as mint or lavender leaves. You can place these along the entrance of your home to deter flies. Many people also place them in their yards so flies are less likely to populate in that area.

Flies do not have to be an annoyance around your home. Control them with these helpful tips so your home is pest free.