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How do You Know You Have a Cockroach Problem?

If you ever reach into your cupboard to grab a can of beans and a cockroach runs down your arm, well then, you know you have a problem. While this actually happens to some people, sometimes a cockroach problem can be a little less obvious. Cockroaches are filthy, disgusting critters and their eating and pooping habits provide ample evidence that they have been in your home—even if they aren’t using your arm for a runway.

First, let’s cover some basics. Cockroaches are coprophagous, which means they will eat anything from hair, glue, and electrical wires to dead animals, rotting food, and human waste flowing in sewers. Roaches will invade any place where food can be found including cabinets, food storage lockers, restaurants, grocery stores, and dumpsters. If you have an infestation you might see cockroach feces, which can resemble coffee grounds or black pepper. The more poop you see, the larger the number of roaches that have made your home their personal potty.

As they eat a trail of terror through your home, cockroaches leave trail markers of their own fecal matter which can cause visible stains and strong musty or oily odors. And while roaches may be able to survive 30 days without a head, they still die. If you find cockroach corpses you have a problem.
“Cockroaches: The Next Generation” also indicate an invasion. Some species of roach lay oval-shaped egg cases and hide them between books on a shelf or under furniture. If roach eggs are hatching in your house, you are under attack.

Cockroaches can leave a trail of fecal matter on your counters, plates, silverware, and accessible food. This can spread bacteria like Salmonella and Shigella. Roach saliva and decaying cockroach corpses becomes a fine powder that can trigger allergies and asthma attacks when inhaled. If you see even one cockroach, or find corpses and poop, act immediately. Seal off the places they enter your abode and place bait stations around your home. Trust me, you don’t want a cockroach running down your arm—it’s enough to put you off your beans.