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Home Maintenance Tip: Break out the Caulk





Each time the winter season approaches, there are certain responsibilities you need to fulfill around the house. You’ll need to prep outdoor possessions and major appliances for the chilly weather, and you also need to get your home ready to handle the winter chill. Caulking over gaps and cracks around your house is a good way to keep the heat in, but it provides another benefit: keeping bugs out. Ants and cockroaches are just a couple of the common pests that seek to take up residence indoors when the weather gets harsh.


Preventative Measures for Peaceful Winters


A good, tight seal will save you a fair amount of frustration and money. Drafty doors and windows are not only a source of heat loss that drives up your utility costs, they’re an open invitation to house pests that might just drive up your blood pressure. By performing a thorough evaluation around the perimeter of your living space, you’re likely to find plenty of opportunities to shore up your defense against the hungry hoards waiting outside with caulk.

Another useful strategy is to screen over drain pipes, ventilation points, or any other open access that bugs might utilize to gain entry. Don’t assume that pipes that normally handle water will simply flush away potential threats. Roaches are known to make entrance via inactive drains while you’re away or even while you sleep.


Other Tips for Insect Avoidance


Naturally, one way to discourage pesky intruders is to limit the good stuff they’re looking for. Keep your food tightly sealed, make sure crumbs and waste are regularly cleaned, and try to avoid leaks or standing water in your home. Cockroaches and ants often come in to avoid the cold and the rain, but they stay because they gain access to regular nourishment.

When you do have the misfortune of encountering a bug problem where you live, don’t fret. There are proven solutions available. A variety of consumer products exist to help eliminate infestations quickly and cleanly so you can get back to living in peace and harmony with your surroundings. As with any product offering, not all options are created equal, however.

It’s recommended that instead of employing tactics that focus on killing only the insects that you can see, you should consider a long-term solution. Bait products that utilize slow-working active ingredients are capable of terminating those bugs that come into direct contact, but they’re also designed to take out the rest of the nest or colony when the poison is shared with the remainder of the population. No toxic-smelling sprays and no dead bugs to deal with in your home. You just get quick, clean results.