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Getting Rid of Cockroaches But They Keep Coming Back

They are prehistoric creatures living in a modern world, and they just keep coming back. The dinosaurs couldn’t stop them, and the army couldn’t stop them. Nothing seems to stop them. No I’m not talking about creatures in some 1950’s B-movie; I’m talking about cockroaches. But like most movies (even “The Attack of the 50-Foot Cockroach”) yours can have a happy ending. If you try to get rid of cockroaches but they keep coming back—you, like a movie hero, need to change your methods to win.

Chances are if cockroaches make your kitchen a perpetual feed station, you’re trying to get rid of them with bug spray. Or maybe catnip, soapy water, or beer-soaked bread. While any of those methods might repel, kill (or drunken) cockroaches already in your house, they don’t kill the roaches that live outdoors or inside your walls. And if you love horror movies, consider this: in some parts of the South, there are up to 250,000 Asian cockroaches per acre. If you’re so inclined to look down a single manhole, you’ll see evidence of thousands of American cockroaches feeding of feces and sipping up the sewer water.

But you never have to see any cockroaches in your house if you kill them where they live. And that can be accomplished easy as one-two-three. One: Go to the store and buy Combat Roach Killing Bait Strips or Source Kill for Roaches. Two: Distribute the bait stations around the house—under the sink, around floor drains, and by the garbage cans. Three: Rest assured that the cockroaches are carrying the bait back to their nests and it is killing off all the roaches in the area.

Unless you kill the roaches where they live you will just repeat the cycle of getting rid of cockroaches only to find them coming back again. The choice is easy: either live in a bad B-movie or use Combat for a happy ending.