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Getting Rid Of Ants Is Easier Than You Think

We’ve all been there. We come home after a lovely summer afternoon only to find our peace shattered by the family Formicidae. No that’s not a crime family, but the designation for the ant, a different kind of perpetrator. Having evolved over 130 million years ago, ants are clever insects with survival skills humans can only dream of. But we have a few super-weapons on our side. Even if we can’t win the war, we can at least kick the ants out of our kitchen. It isn’t rocket science.

Most ants live outdoors in underground colonies or ant hills. When the weather is warm, countless scouts emerge from their nests with a single-minded mission—finding food and water for the queen and her brood. Items on the scout’s scavenger hunt are readily available in your home including sweet and greasy foods and leaky drainpipes. When ants finds what they’re looking for, they take some back to the nest. Like a good scout, it leaves pheromone trail so the workers back in the colony can find their way into your kitchen.

The brilliant insect strategy makes it easy for ants to work together, breed, and survive. It also makes them suckers for Combat Source Kill Ant Bait and Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel. By combining delicious food with specially formulated poison, Combat not only kills the ants that are forming a breadline on your countertop, but it also kills off problem colonies. The workers take the bait home and share it with their nest mates. This poisons the queen and the ants that have not yet had the pleasure of visiting your kitchen. The family Formicidae is gone and your peace is restored. Now wasn’t that easy?