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Get Rid of Ants on Your Own Terms

There’s little doubt that ants have their own program. There are an estimated one quadrillion ants roaming the earth, or one million billion. There are about 14,000 different species and subspecies, and will be tromping about the earth long after the last humans eat their last hamburgers. But just because ants have their own agenda doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of them on your own terms.

As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense; this is especially true when it comes to ants. You can head off a major ant invasion by taking a few proactive steps to ant-proof your home. Start at the source, your kitchen, which might just have a giant “Diner” sign on it as far as ants are concerned. Ants enter abodes in search of food and water, which means sweets, grease, sweating water pipes, and garbage cans. To a tiny ant, a major food find can be in the form of toaster crumbs, bacon splatters, or spilled drops of fruit juice. Before ants invade, do a thorough investigation of your kitchen and clean up each and every last splat and scrap. Carefully pull out the stove and refrigerator and wipe down the sides with a good cleaner. Vacuum up the dust bunnies while you’re back there and continue on, sucking up the morsels in the far reaches of your cabinets.

For the next element in the ant prevention agenda move out of the kitchen. Find the points around utility lines and foundation cracks where ants can enter your house. Fill them with caulk or other sealant. If you have major gaps around your doors or windows, caulk them up. This will save on energy in the winter and keep ants away in the summer.

Once you have taken these proactive steps, lay down the final terms of your ant-genda. Set out some ant bait stations, like Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait. Place the bait outside the home near possible ant entry points. While you’re at it, place bait stations throughout your home in the kitchen, garage, and basement.