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Drought Conditions Drive Ants Into Your Home

Drought conditions are tough on people, but they also take their toll on the other organisms that humans share their environment with. When it gets hot and dry outside, many insects head indoors to find water and shelter. Unfortunately for homeowners, pest issues usually increase during certain seasons. Here’s what you need to know about warm weather ant invasions.


Why Ants Come Inside


 During drought conditions, ants have restricted access to the two things they need the most: food and water. When the weather turns hot, the pavement also becomes hotter, making ants more likely to move quickly indoors. Furthermore, grass and other vegetation dries out, leaving ants with fewer hiding places and shelter from the sun. Everything considered, it’s no surprise that ants head indoors. The kitchen, household trash cans, and pet food bowls offer access to the food and moisture they need. Also, air conditioning and carpets are much cooler than the parched pavement and scorching sun outside.


 What to Do to Get Rid of Ants


 One of the best things you can do to control the presence of ants in the home is to get rid of what’s attracting them. This may be some spilled or leaking food in one of your cabinets, or trash that is overdue to be taken out. Often, once whatever’s attracting the bugs is gone, they don’t find much reason to stay around. Additionally, clean up promptly after meals, and take the trash out before it gets too full. You should also wipe up standing water on the counters or in the sink if it seems like the ants are attracted to the moisture.


 Ways to Keep Ants Outdoors


 Ants leave trails that attract other members of their colony to potential food sources. This means that after you spot one, many others are sure to follow. If you can find where ants are getting in, seal up the entry points with caulk.

 When ants come indoors during drought conditions, they are just looking for food and water. It’s hard not to feel bad for them, but that doesn’t mean you should let them have the run of the house when there are simple things you can do to keep ants out of your home.