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Do You Know When You Have A Cockroach Problem?

In 2012, folks in Fairborn, Ohio saw thousands of cockroaches streaming out of a trash-infested house. The roaches were running up neighborhood exterior walls and trying to climb in windows. Meanwhile, in Clairton, Pennsylvania, city officials had to enter a home in hazmat suits to kill the hundreds of thousands of cockroaches that were scurrying over every surface. Now those people had cockroach problems. And while the cases were ones of dangerous neglect, millions of people have cockroach complications that might not be so obvious.

Those horrendous infestations in Ohio and Pennsylvania were caused by extreme versions of the same conditions that bring cockroaches into your house. Cockroaches are coprophagous, which means they will eat anything including paper, glue, soap, meat, cheese, rotting food, and human waste. They can squeeze into tiny cracks any place where food can be found. That means you don’t need a garbage house to have a roach problem. They can be found in the cleanest of homes as long as they can get their mandibles on some eats. But the bug’s eating and elimination habits provide evidence that they have been in your home.

When cockroaches have been noshing in your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, they leave disgusting trail markers of feces which can be detected by a trained eye—or nose. The liquid stains are visible and have a strong oily or musty odor. Other roaches are attracted to the spots and they sniff them out with their wiggly antennae. In heavily infested homes fecal stains can be seen along the edges of kitchen cabinets, in corners, on top of door frames, behind picture frames, and other dank crannies. The revolting stuff can also be on plates, silverware, and accessible food. This substance spreads bacteria like Salmonella and Shigella. If you see, or smell, fecal stains in your kitchen, apply cockroach killing bait stations or gel in these areas.

You might also see cockroach feces if you have even a few cockroaches in your home. Roach poop resembles coffee grounds or black pepper. The more you see, the larger the number of roaches that have made your home their personal potty. Finally, the sight of dead cockroaches is a sure sign that more lurk nearby. Roach feces and decaying cockroach corpses becomes a fine powder that can trigger allergies and asthma attacks when inhaled. Set out the bait stations, clean up you home, and seal up exterior cracks where cockroaches can enter. After all, you don’t want your house to end up as the lead story on the six o’clock news.