Pest Identification

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Do It Yourself Pest Control Begins with the Right Tools

Try to imagine a do-it-yourself guy suiting up to go to war with cockroaches and ants. Maybe he’s wearing a pair of heavy boots for stomping, has a rag stuffed in his pocket for cleaning up bug bodies, and is holding a flip-flop in one hand and a spray bottle in the other. He’s definitely got the wrong tools for pest control. And with the wrong tools, killing roaches and ants is not only difficult - it’s also ineffective.

When it comes to pests there’s two kinds: the few that you see and the thousands you never see. Cockroaches team by the millions in sewer pipes, garbage cans, and in underground nests outdoors. Ants build amazingly complex underground colonies and live in trees, wood piles, and just about anywhere else they can dig. Cockroaches and ants can also build colonies in your walls, foundations, and outbuildings.

If you want to control these pests, you need to kill the critters you see and the ones you don’t. For that, the only tools you need are Combat ant- or roach-killing baits. Combat uses two types of active ingredients, Fipronil and Hydramethylnon. Fipronil is a nerve poison best used when a major ant or roach infestation occurs and you need to kill the bugs fast. Bugs eat the bait and the Fipronil disrupts their central nervous system leading to death within hours. When the poisoned creatures scuttle back to the nest and rub against nest-mates the Fipronil is transferred to others.

Hydramethylnon is a slow-acting stomach poison which takes 24 hours to work. This makes Combat Source Kill baits and gels with Hydramethylnon the perfect way to wipe out entire ant and roach colonies. The bugs take the bait back to their nests and the poison destroys the entire colony within a few days. When it comes to D-I-Y pest control, Combat provides the tools to leave pests D-E-A-D.