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Do Cockroaches Really Infest?

One cockroach? That’s no fun. A few cockroaches? You might have a problem. A cockroach infestation? That’s going to require more energy than swinging a flip-flop. And the old maxim is true. If you see one cockroach there are likely many, many, MANY more nearby.

Cockroaches are social insects and while they don’t spend their days texting, they like to travel in groups. Actually, cockroaches have their own way of texting, developed over millions of years. When a roach visits your home and finds it to his liking, he leaves a scent track, a pheromone trail that tells others, “Hey, check this out.”

Before you can say “eek a cockroach” you’ve got hundreds of cucarachas making a conga line between their nest and your home. And it is inevitable that females will lay oval-shaped egg cases under your furniture, beneath your cupboards, and other inaccessible places you will never find them. American cockroaches are the most common species and a female produce 3 to 5 generations annually. These roaches reproduce themselves resulting in around 800 offspring within a year. And that’s nothing when compared to German cockroaches. A single female and her offspring produce around 300,000 running, jumping, creeping, crawling cockroaches in a year.

Cockroaches are nocturnal and prefer to breed in dark, moist places; behind kitchen appliances, around basement drains, under floorboards and inside walls. If you have an infestation, you will find piles of roach feces around their nests. This looks like coffee grounds or black pepper. Sometimes a disgusting oily or musty smell will emanate from an infestation and you’ll probably find dead roaches here and there.

If you think you have an infestation, you need to take stock of your surroundings. Immediately clean up open food sources in cupboards, drawers, and along countertops. Go after hidden roach snacks in oven vents, around the refrigerator, and behind the stove. Follow up with roach bait traps, which will not only poison the visible roaches but kill off the rest of colony that is infesting your home. When the roaches are gone, paint, putty, and repair the infested areas. And put away the flip-flop until it’s time to go to the beach.