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DIY Ant Pest Control

There’s a reason professional exterminators are driving around in shiny, new trucks. They charge a lot of money— typically $400 to $1000—to deal with ant infestations. You don’t need to pay the big bucks when do-it-yourself ant pest control is easy. You can rid your home of ants for around 1% of the price charged by an exterminator.

The first thing you have to do is clean up the ant food that’s inviting the pests into your home. Even if you chose to go with an exterminator, you’d still need to remove the food sources. Thoroughly vacuum areas wherever bits and pieces of food might be found. Be sure to check in the carpet, under furniture, behind the stove and refrigerator, under countertop appliances, along baseboards, in the back of the cupboard, and trash can areas. Place open food packages, fruits, and other edibles in airtight containers or the refrigerator. Ants also enter the home in search of water so fix all leaks and dry out any moisture under sinks with a fan.

Once the food and drink are eliminated, give the critters some ant pest control bait. Combat combines irresistible food with poisons that the ants carry back to their colony to kill the queen, the workers, and the larvae.

One more step in your DIY ant control plan consists of sealing your home against future ant invasions. Check your home for ant entry points. Caulk up cracks in the foundation, around windows, and where utility lines enter the structure. While you clean and repair, Combat will silently and efficiently continue to control your ant pests, making this DIY project one of the easiest you can do.