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Create Your Personal Strategy To Kill Cockroaches

If cockroaches have invaded your home and plan to conquer your kitchen, you might not know it yet, but you’re at war. Left unattended cockroaches will build nests in your walls, breed like crazy, and spread filth and disease like there’s no tomorrow. In some extreme examples in Pennsylvania and Ohio, homes have been infested ankle-deep in cockroaches. Even if you only see one roach in your house, there are thousands nearby. You need to develop a personal strategy, a plan, to combat the creepy crawlies before they win the war.

You can rid your home of roaches in four steps: assess the situation, kill the roaches, get rid of their food sources, and plug up their entry points. Steps two and three can be done at the same time, while step four should be done a week or so after the last roach disappears.

When you assess, you need to determine the scale of the infestation. If you see a roach or two in the garage, around the basement drain, or in the kitchen, you’re situation is probably not too bad. If you see dead cockroaches, or cockroach feces, (which resemble coffee grounds or black pepper) you likely have a larger problem. Sometimes you’ll even smell a disgusting oily or musty odor which is definitely a sign of an infestation.

When it comes to killing the roaches, you have a choice between roach killing bait stations, bait strips, and gel. All provide an irresistible attractant which mixes delicious food and poison. The roaches take the bait, eat it, and carry some back to the nest before it kills them. This kills off the roaches in the colony.

If you think your problem is small, simply put a few killing bait stations under the sinks, behind toilets, and behind kitchen appliances. For larger infestations, bait strips might be a better choice. The strips come with an adhesive backing so they can be placed out of sight around the home. Roach gel is a great solution for placing bait in hard to reach areas like cracks and crevices.

Now, it’s time to carry out step three. Clean up your kitchen and scrub away the grease and crumbs, including under the fridge and between the stove and counters. Rid the basement and garage of roach food which can include newspapers, fabric, and anything else stored in boxes.

After the roaches take the bait and end up dead, you’ll want to seal up the cracks in the foundation, gaps between windows and outer walls, and unsealed areas where utility lines enter the home. Once you’ve carried out your four-step strategy, your roach problem will be gone and peace will reign throughout the home.