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Common Bugs You May Find in Your Pool

Your swimming pool is a place to cool off and relax, but unfortunately it is also an appealing location for certain pesky insects. There are a couple of these pests in particular that are commonly found in outdoor pools that you should know about.




The mosquito is actually the most dangerous animal in the world, because it can carry the deadly malaria parasite as well as other diseases. These insects are attracted to standing bodies of water that are not chemically treated. If you do not have a good filter system or you do not treat your water, mosquitos could lay their eggs in your pool. Make sure your filter doesn’t get clogged with algae or vegetation.


Water Boatmen


The water boatmen is a small bug with an elongated body shaped like an oval. Most can be found in freshwater ponds, streams, and lakes that have aquatic life, primarily feeding on plants, including algae and other vegetation, and they will not bite. However, if they are found in your swimming pool, you probably are not treating your water well enough. They can be a problem because they attract the larger backswimmer pest. Check your filter often, as algae and vegetation will invite these guys.




Backswimmers are a little bigger than water boatmen. They are a slightly green color and their back legs are much longer than their front legs. The backswimmer often swim upside-down. They prey upon water boatmen, so if you have any of those smaller insects in your pool, chances are that backswimmers will soon follow. They can be an annoying pest because of their bite, which causes a painful stinging sensation.




Having any one of these pests can make your pool look very unclean, and most people don’t want to swim with these critters. In order to prevent infestations, keep your pool free of algae and other vegetation in order to prevent the spawning of mosquitos or water boatmen. An algaecide is an effective means to destroy algae. Using a chlorine tablet to shock your pool can also kill off bugs that are trying to move in.

If you already have some bugs in your pool, use a water skimmer after the chlorine treatment to remove all of the insects from the water. Make sure the pool is thoroughly cleaned, including under your filters. Bugs need a source of food in order to multiply, so as long as you constantly maintain your pool, it should stay pest-free and fun for friends and family.