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Cockroach Natural Predators

It might seem that cockroaches are winning the war against humanity. They outnumber us, they’ll likely outlive our species, and it’s a never-ending battle just to keep them out of our basements, kitchens, and attics. But take hope, humans have allies in the roach rivalry. Without these natural predators, cockroaches would be ankle deep in some places. So give thanks for centipedes, ants, frogs, lizards, snakes, and even scorpions. These predators love nothing more than catching and eating roaches. Mice treat roaches like a chocolate bunny; they bite off the head, work their way down through the body, and discard the tough legs and wings.

And what about that furry purr-ball sitting on your lap? That’s right, cats are ferocious roach predators. You may not want to think of Miss Whiskers chomping on a cockroach but if you think about it, scurrying skittering roaches make perfect entertainment for cats. And they’re packed full of protein. That said, you should discourage you cat from eating roaches. The bugs have thick cartilage-like exoskeletons on their bodies and the fragments can get stuck in a cat’s throat. They can also be rough on a cat’s digestive system leading to vomiting. And while cockroaches are not poisonous, they may have been poisoned by pesticides. If you see your cat going after a lethargic roach, remove the insect as quickly as possible.

If you’re truly troubled by roaches and want to get a pet to keep them in line, you can try a gecko. These ferocious lizards have feet like suction cups and kill roaches where they live, under the sink, around the baseboards, and in other tight cracks. However, you might have trouble sleeping with the sounds of scurrying geckos chomping on crunchy cockroaches in the dark. In that case just set cockroach bait traps. They’re pet safe and kill cockroaches in their nests. While you may not triumph in the war against roaches, at least you’ll win a battle or two.