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Can You Trick Roaches out of Your House?

One of the most unsavory home intruders is also one of the toughest to get rid of. No, it’s not your in-laws. It’s the cockroach that is the subject of concern. These persistent critters are perhaps best known for dominating unclean environments. The truth of the matter is, however, that roaches invade all types of homes, even those that are kept spotlessly clean. Getting rid of them can certainly be tricky, but it’s possible with the right kind of approach.


Understanding Your Foe


The first step in removing cockroaches from your living space is gaining a better knowledge of what makes them tick. Like several other common residential pests, the cockroach comes in search of sustenance: food, water, and shelter. They come in several different sizes and shapes, but one trait each type of roach shares is that they’re all quite adept at gaining access to your home.

Cockroaches frequently nest in and around dead or dying vegetation, so make sure to keep up on your yard work. Keep a gap of at least a foot or two between your home and any live plants, trees, or bushes. This reduces the proximity of invading insects and removes platforms they might use to gain access to windows, drains, etc.


Handling an Existing Infestation


Sometimes proactive measures are not enough to keep the hoards at bay. In spite of your best efforts, roaches might still find a way into your abode, where they’ll surely threaten to turn your home life upside down. The worst part is that every time you kill a roach, it seems like two more pop up in its place. How can one end the vicious cycle?

Roaches are clever, but there’s a reason humans are at the top of the food chain. You can’t trick roaches out of your home, but you can employ a bit of deception to put an end to your infestation quickly and effectively. Instead of reaching for the can of pesticide spray, fall back on a battle plan that’s designed to root out the problem where it starts. Roach bait works to destroy the population and not just the individual.

One way to get rid the nest is to use products that utilize slow-working poisons, which are typically disguised as an inviting food source to insects. Roaches nibble and then bring back more of the foodstuff to share with the remainder of the nest. Once they’ve all had a chance to indulge, the active ingredient starts to take effect and kill off cockroaches en masse, restoring order to your home. The problem is quickly solved at a fraction of the cost of hiring an exterminator. What more could you ask for?