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Beware of Beetles That Eat Wood

There’s one word that will strike terror into the heart of any homeowner, builder, or woodworker: termites. Known to possess a voracious appetite for all things wood, termites are one of the most serious pests one might encounter. What you may not realize is that the termite is not the only insect that enjoys feasting on tree meat; wood-boring beetles can deliver big-time damage to your home and any wood items within it. Make sure you learn what to look for and how to keep them out of your living space.


Unusual Suspects


When most people think of beetles, they tend to think of non-threatening insects that typically remain outdoors. However, there are a few particular varieties that pose a much more active threat to your humble home:

  • Common furniture beetle
  • Flatheaded wood-boring beetle
  • False powderpost beetle
  • Powderpost beetle
  • Old house borer beetle
  • Metallic wood-boring beetle

These types of pests are known to favor the kinds of wood commonly used for building homes and furniture, as opposed to fresh or even rotting vegetation. Keeping them out and away from the home should be a high priority for any homeowner.


Steering Clear


Highly adaptable, most species of beetles can be found in a wide range of locations on land or in fresh water. Some even make their homes in bodies of saltwater, and others reproduce in hot spring environments. What this means for you is that there’s a very good chance that beetles are abundant in your neighborhood.

Keeping them out takes a little work, but it’s a well-placed effort if it means protecting your house and possessions:

  • All firewood should be de-barked, store outside, and only brought inside your home when it’ll be used immediately..
  • Make sure there are no water sources available, such as leaking pipes or standing water—clean up spills around the house promptly so there’s less to attract beetles and to keep them from hanging around.


Other Facts


It’s worth noting that while wood-boring beetles can certainly be a burden, most species are not known to be harmful to pets or people. They are, however, a threat to the structural integrity of your home and any wood-based items within, so make sure you take the necessary steps to fend them off. Taking these extra steps in your weekly cleaning routine is often an effective course for keeping all sorts of unwanted critters away, so roll up those sleeves and get ready to apply that extra elbow grease. You’ll thank yourself later.