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Best Way to Control Ants in the Car

Distracted drivers are dangerous and nothing is more distracting than ants crawling up your leg while you’re motoring down the road. When that happens, you better pull into the nearest gas station and get rid of the food residue and other edible garbage in your car.

Ants are attracted to sweets and grease. That includes drops of spilled soda, cookie crumbs, and rotting potato chips that get trapped under car seats and crushed into floor mats. If this describes your car, throw out food wrappers and vacuum thoroughly. Then, try placing some ant bait stations around where you regularly park. The baits will kill the invading ants and get rid of the colony.

Once you’ve taken care of the immediate problem, take steps to keep the ants out of your coach. They can only get in your car where the rubber meets the road; ants climb up tires and make their way into the car’s interior, attracted by the scent of food. Make sure to get rid of food particles in and around your vehicle.

Last but not least, take note of where your park. If you’re regularly leaving your car on or near anthills, move it on down the road. You can hardly blame them for climbing up your tires if you parked on top of their home.

If you’re chauffeuring insect hordes to the mall, clean and kill. Then you won’t have to worry about being carjacked by hungry ants looking for a free ride.