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Be Prepared When Cockroaches Come Calling

When it comes to cockroaches we should all keep the motto of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in mind: Be Prepared. And while the Boy Scout merit badge for Insect Study includes numerous bugs including Blattodea or cockroaches, your reward for being prepared will be a roach-free house.

To be prepared in mind and body when cockroaches come calling, you need to engage in a little Blattodea study yourself. Here’s the facts. In northern climates, cockroaches are unseen when temperatures dip below 50°F. But when it warms up, they crawl out of their nasty nests and head for the cracks and crevices of your home. Cockroaches are night crawlers — they are active at night when they forage for food and water behind your furniture, under your floorboards, on your counters, and in your cupboards. If you want to be prepared for this annual invasion stock up on Combat Roach Killing Bait Strips, Source Kill Roach Bait, and Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel in autumn, winter, and early spring. When roaches some calling in April and May, your local store might be sold out of Combat.

Once you’re prepared to kill cockroaches, put up a few barriers between your kitchen and cockroaches when you see them. Nothing is more persistent than a thirsty, hungry cockroach and they can squeeze in cracks no thicker than a dime. Take an unblinking tour of your home’s weakest points and plaster, spackle, and caulk the cracks. Check around windows, chimneys, and entry points for cable and other utility lines. Make sure exterior doors have door sweeps at the bottom to keep out cockroaches and cold winter winds.

Cockroaches can still enter the home through sewers and drains, so the final step in your preparation involves cleaning the kitchen to a dazzling shine. Sweep up crumbs, scrub away grease on appliances (including the parts pushed up against the counters), and make sure trash cans are sealed up tight. Be prepared when cockroaches come calling and they won’t call at all. They’ll just go to your unprepared neighbor’s house where the living is greasy.