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Are Bed Bugs Only Found in Beds?

You can’t blame people for thinking bed bugs are only found in beds. The insects biting you while you sleep are tricky little parasites and they will go anywhere they can find some blood to suck. This includes beds, sofas, chairs, and anywhere else people can be found sleeping or lounging around. And if you stay in a motel room with bed bugs, the tiny vampires might come home with you in your clothing and luggage.

While reddish-brown, wingless bed bugs love nothing more than to suck your blood, potentially leaving behind flat, red welts, they are also very patient. Bedbugs can live for months without feeding. That means they can sit in your summer cabin all winter waiting for you to return. They can also survive in used furniture and mattresses, so beware of items left on the curb or sold in second-hand shops.

Bed bugs are not a sign of poor personal hygiene or a filthy house. They seem to be everywhere nowadays, especially in big cities. They will find you in dressing rooms, hospitals, on trains and subways, and even on buses, cruise ships, and airplanes.

If you do have bed bugs don’t start heaving your furniture, clothing, and bedding out the window—call a professional exterminator. Yes, it’s expensive and a nuisance, but you’ll save time and money in the long run. And you’ll still have plenty of work to do before the exterminator arrives.

To eliminate bed bugs wash all your clothing in hot water and dry it on the hottest setting it will withstand. Next, clear out the clutter around the bed and anywhere else it has accumulated. Bed bugs love to hide in boxes, stores of old clothes and shoes, and other junk. When that’s done, vacuum every square inch of your home. Take the cushions off the furniture and get out the crevice tool to suck up any bed bugs that are hiding in cracks. Once the exterminator leaves you will hopefully be rid of your bed bugs, clothesbugs, furniturebugs, and bugs in the rugs.