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Are Ants the Next Delicacy?

If pesky ants are getting into your home, you are probably desperate to find a way to stop them. There are a number of methods you can use to get rid of these troublesome critters, but have you ever tried getting rid of your pest problem with a frying pan and a little bit of seasoning? In certain cultures, it is perfectly acceptable to eat ants since they are viewed as a high source of protein. Look at it this way: if a cow walked into your home, would you see it as an irritant or would you decide to have hamburgers that night?


What Do Ants Taste Like?


According to people who have actually eaten ants, they supposedly have a sour taste to them. This is due to the fact that ants release an acid when they are threatened. This gives them an almost vinegar-like quality. Of course if you are dedicated to eating ants, you should really look into eating the larvae. The larvae are much easier to capture since it is not moving around, and it gives you a good amount of protein without all that unpleasant, sour flavoring. However, the larvae are protected within the colony; to retrieve the larvae, one would need to locate the nest and then dig it up.

If you are going to eat ants, you might as well go big. The queen ant is much bigger than the rest of the colony, meaning she carries much more fat. This makes her a much more appealing option because you get many more nutrients by capturing one ant than by capturing a handful.


On Second Thought…Maybe Just Stick With Traps


Perhaps one day it will become culturally acceptable to look like an anteater to your friends, but for now, the best way to eliminate ants from your home is with reliable bait products. If you start eating ants around your home, then there is going to be less food for all the birds who make your yard a home. Robins, wrens, and sparrows are known to use ants as a snack, so save them as a treat for your feathery friends.

If ants have moved from your garden to your house, there are ways to get rid of them that do not rely on you changing your diet. Bait stations are excellent at eliminating the ant infestation right at the source. Be aware of the extent of this ant influx so that you know what method is best for your needs. There are numerous ways to eliminate ants from your home, and while chowing down is certainly one, it probably is not right for everybody.