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Ants in my Cat Food, Now What?

First it was your picnic, now they’re invading your cat’s dinner, too? Ants are quick to sniff out food, and if they can count on a regular serving each day, you know they won’t be moving out any time soon. But how can you remove the gravy train without harming your pet?


1. Store Food in an Airtight Container

Although your dry food comes in paper bags, you’ll be doing your feline a favor by transferring it to an airtight, plastic box. Make the transfer right after opening the bag, before it can become infested. Otherwise, you might be pouring your cat an extra-fortified meal.


2. Wash the Bowls

If you’ve ever forgotten to sweep up sugar, you’ve no doubt seen the line of ants trooping to clean it up for you. They are attracted to crumbs and are constantly seeking them out. To prevent this, wash out your pet’s food bowl at least every other day.


3. Start Fresh

You can try disrupting the ants by moving the dish to a new location. This is probably only a temporary solution and won’t work if you have more than a few.


4. Mop Up

Move up floor moping day on the cleaning schedule. If you have a problem already, sweep up immediately after your cat finishes eating to get rid of any morsels. Regularly mop the area surrounding the food dish to remove any left-over remnants from dinnertime.

If there is a scrap to be found, an ant will find it. In order to keep your cat’s food bowl pest-free, keep both the container and the area around it clean. Adding some scents the insects don’t like can also help. Keep the food protected in the first place by storing it in an impenetrable container.