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Fire Ant

How to exterminate them


Unfortunately Combat® does not carry a product guaranteed to get rid of your Fire Ant problem. Find a bait or granule product that claims that it specifically kills fire ants. Fire Ants will be most attracted to protein based baits.


Where they live


There are six known species of Fire Ants in the United States, the most troublesome is the Red Imported Fire Ant, which is found throughout the Southern United States.


What they look like


Fire Ant colonies contain mixed sizes of ants ranging from small (1/16 inch long) to large (1/4 inch long). They are typically red, but are sometimes brown or black, with abdomens that are usually darker than the rest of their bodies.


Where they nest


Fire Ants typically build nests in sunny, open areas such as lawns and pastures. Red Imported Fire Ant nests are dome-shaped mounds of soil, sometimes as large as 3 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet tall. Other Fire Ant species may build less noticeable nests that appear as disturbed soil at the ground surface. Fire Ants are very aggressive and will “boil out” of the nest if the nest is disturbed. Fire Ants rarely nest indoors.


What they eat


Compared to most other ant species, Fire Ants feed relatively little on sweet foods. They prefer protein foods and feed on live and dead animals, including other insects, and plants, including seeds and fruits.


Steps to prevent an invasion


Fire Ants are very aggressive and will swarm and sting individuals when disturbed. Some people are allergic to Fire Ant stings. Locating and treating Fire Ant colonies around the outside of the home is the best way to protect your family from these ants.