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Protect Your Home: Helpful Halloween Hints

The seasons are changing and there’s a hint of fall the air. All those beautiful autumn-colored leaves will soon be piling up around the house, creating the perfect home for unwelcome pests. That’s why pest prevention should be on the top of your list. Just follow these simple pest prevention tips and stop ant and roach problems before they begin.


Don’t give bugs the chance to breed

Piles of dead leaves, wood, and other debris left outside the house are perfect breeding grounds for cockroaches. Be sure to remove these insect havens before ants and roaches have time to move in. If you’re planning on fall planting, make sure to plant shrubs and trees at least foot or two away from outside walls because plants too can become insect breeding grounds.


Don’t leave food out

Nothing ruins Halloween festivities faster than having to share the fun with unwanted bugs. Unfortunately, leaving candy out for any length of time is an open invitation to critters looking for food. So be sure to keep any food source tightly sealed in airtight containers.


Don’t give bugs a way in

Ants and cockroaches are able to gain entry into your home through the smallest openings. To prevent this, make sure there are no gaps around doors and windows, and fill any cracks or holes you find in your home’s walls and foundation with Combat® Source Kill Max Gel. In addition, replace any damaged or torn screen doors and windows where bugs might be able to sneak into the house.

Explore the Combat website and discover more helpful information. To learn greater detail how Combat® Baits and Gels prevent ants and roaches from entering your home, view our helpful prevention video or visit our Prevention Tips page.