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Getting Rid of Cockroaches in the Winter

The cold winter months can bring a lot more than a yearning for the return to the warm and sunny days of summer. Winter’s frostbitten days and nights may also have you seeing an increase of cockroaches scuttling about the house. When the mercury dips outside cockroaches, like people, prefer the warmth of and comfort inside. These creepy critters will look for any way to sneak into the house where they may not just find heat, but also sources of food and water.

That’s why winter is one of those times of year when getting rid of cockroaches suddenly becomes a serious task on your to-do list. Like other animal species, cockroaches go where the surroundings are temperate, preferring a warm and humid climate. If you see one or two cockroaches crawling around the pantry or kitchen floor, chances are you’ve already got a cockroach infestation nearby.

A year-round pest strategy is the best way of preventing a cockroach infestation, but even then roaches may still find their way into your house to escape the cold. If that does happen, try these nine tips to help reverse a cockroach infestation to control when the temperatures outside plummet and the bug population inside sky rockets.

  1. Clean up as you go so that you’re not leaving out food-covered pots, pans, plates and utensils.
  2. Don’t allow kitchen garbage cans to overflow - dispose of trash promptly (you can make disposal easier by double- or triple-lining trash cans so a clean bag is in place when a full bag is removed).
  3. Be sure to empty the kitchen sink of all dirty dishes and try to keep your countertop clutter-free.
  4. Laying newspaper or wax paper beneath food preparations before you start can make cleanup easier, as it will catch errant crumbs and spills so all you have to do is crumple up the paper and toss it in the garbage can.
  5. Jars of peanut butter and other sticky foods can be a big attraction for cockroaches so give all your jars and bottles a quick wipe down before putting them away.
  6. Keep your kitchen smelling fresh by dropping either citrus peels or ice cubes made from water and vinegar down the disposal.
  7. Store your recently baked goods as well as leftovers in airtight containers – starchy, sugar-rich confections are an open invitation for cockroaches.
  8. Dispose of excess grease by refrigerating it in a bowl or other container lined with aluminum foil; within a few hours the grease will harden and you can ball it up and throw away.
  9. Keep cockroaches at bay and prevent any future cockroach infestations by using Combat® Baits and Gel in the kitchen, bathrooms, pantries, and other areas where cockroaches have been detected.