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Do You Need an Exterminator to Get Rid of Roaches?

Few creatures inspire disgust like the cockroach. With over 4,000 varieties— a few of which are common house pests—these nasty buggers are plentiful just about everywhere you can imagine. Cockroaches actively seek out water, shelter, and of course, food supplies. Any house can fall victim to an infestation, highlighting the need for preventative measures to limit your home’s chances.

Sometimes even the best efforts aren’t enough, though. When your nightmare becomes a reality, don’t despair. You can get rid of cockroaches quickly and effectively by equipping yourself with the right kind of weaponry. Combat produces a full line of powerful roach-fighting innovations to help you take back your home. Find out how to eliminate the threat and keep it gone without needing an exterminator.

Your first item of business should always be to limit cockroaches’ ability and incentive to access your home. Take these steps around the outside of your living space to limit potential for insect invasions:

  • Roaches are pros at gaining entry through small spaces. Seal cracks and gaps around your doorways, windows, etc.
  • Keep up on your yard work. Have at least a foot of clearance between your outside walls and any shrubs, trees, and mulch.
  • Screen and seal off points where utility lines, drains, and sewer ventilation enter into your property.

Despite your best efforts, roaches may still get through. Your other preventative focus should be on eliminating food and water sources which attract insects in the first place:

  • Repair leaking sinks and eliminate any sources of standing water.
  • Keep food sealed in airtight glass containers to keep pests from eating on your dime.
  • Clean under major kitchen appliances to ensure crumbs and food remnants aren’t available for bugs.

When all else fails, it’s time to bring out the heavy artillery. Combat baits, strips, and gel are designed to deceive cockroaches, who mistake products for typical food sources. They secure the nourishment and return it to their nest, never realizing that the food is laced with an insecticide that takes effect once consumed.

The result is a chain reaction which wipes out cockroach colonies from the inside-out. As the population shares in the poisonous meal, they’re eliminated quickly, restoring peace and order in your home. If the bugs come back, simply lay down renewed defenses once every few months and let Combat products work their magic.