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Can You Lure Ants Out of Your House?




You can lure ants away from your home, but if you really want to get rid of your problem, you’ll need to attract these pests. It sounds counterintuitive until you understand how Combat products work. Although ants frequently leave their colonies to search for food, they don’t typically nest in your home. In most cases, the colony is actually close to your home. In order to completely eliminate your pest problem, Combat products focus on destroying the entire colony.

The product will be set up in your home. Ants will then come to the bait or gel, because it is made with ingredients the pests find irresistible. Since the ants like the food source, they will recruit more fellow workers to bring the bait back to the colony. However, this means the poison will spread faster throughout the colony.

Depending on the solution you choose, the ant poison is either spread through physical contact or food exchange. Surprisingly, adult ants cannot process solid food, but the larvae can. As a result, workers bring food to the young, who regurgitate a portion of the food for adult consumption. In this way, the stomach-based poison spreads rapidly all over the colony. If you are interested in Combat products, you have a variety of options. The best option for you will depend on your situation, but you can expect your problem to be taken care of in about two weeks:

  • Combat Ant Bait is an ideal solution for minor problems and infrequent ant sightings. The bait is a stomach poison that gives the infected ant 24 hours to live. The allotted space allows the ant to spread the poison within the colony.
  • Combat Max® Ant Bait is a fast acting solution for major infestations. This option provides immediate relief, because the poison begins working in just a few hours. You can expect your local colony to be eliminated in around a week.
  • Combat Ant Killing Gel is applied to crevices and cracks around the home. It contains the same active ingredient as the Combat Max Ant Bait, so you can expect to see similar results.
  • Ant Killing Bait Strips are adhesive bait stations that can be stuck to walls, joists, cabinets and other surfaces. Like the Ant Killing Gel and Max Bait, these strips are fast acting and convenient to use.

To learn more about getting ants out of your home for good, visit our prevention tips page for additional information.