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6 Tips for Eradicating Your Cockroach Infestation




As you search the Internet looking for the best ways to eradicate a cockroach infestation, you’re going to find all sorts of methods. The problem with a lot of these methods, however, is that many of them do not kill the source of the infestation.

Sure, some insecticides provide immediate satisfaction by killing the cockroaches you see on contact. But what about the cockroaches you can’t see? These insecticides simply can’t deliver complete elimination of the entire cockroach infestation because they can’t reach down deep into the colony where cockroaches continuously breed and propagate (these are the pests you can’t see). To kill the bugs you can’t see, you need a product like Combat Baits and Gel that directly targets the source.

Combat is a stealthy roach killer because it’s formulated to lure cockroaches with an irresistible, carbohydrate-rich food source disguised with an insect poison. Once roaches ingest Combat, they return to their nest where Combat’s deadly power is spread among the rest of the colony in the form of feces, sputum and dead cockroach carcasses.

Incorporate the following six tips into your cockroach infestation prevention and elimination strategy:

1. Eliminate sources of water. Roaches need water much more than food. It’s critical to fix leaky pipes, drain stagnant puddles, and eliminate places where condensation pools.

2. Don’t feed roaches. A few easy ways of eliminating food sources include not leaving dirty dishes in the sink, sweeping routinely after cooking, and never abandoning food on countertops. Any leftover food should be stored in airtight containers.

3. Don’t give roaches a way in. Cockroaches can squirm through the smallest openings. Be sure to seal gaps around pipes with flexible caulk, as well as patch any nooks and crannies you find along baseboards or around the foundation outside the house.

4. Tidy up around the house. Dispose of piled newspapers, empty boxes, unused paper bags and other piles of clutter. This helps eliminate places that can harbor roaches.

5. Keep outside vegetation trimmed. Plants and bushes planted near the house provide a safe haven for bugs of all types. Keep these areas well groomed so that leaves and branches don’t touch the house. Also, be sure not to stack piles of logs, wood, refuse or other vegetative debris near the outside of your house, which can also create sanctuaries for cockroaches.

6. Long-term cockroach prevention. The best strategy for complete elimination and control of cockroaches should be viewed as an on-going effort. Use Combat Baits and Gel in strategically placed areas to help prevent a reoccurrence of a cockroach infestation.
If you would like more information on how Combat Baits and Gel work and how to prevent cockroaches from entering your home, check out our helpful prevention video. Or click over to our Prevention Tips page.