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5 Ways to Get Rid of Roaches

Human beings have been trying to rid themselves of cockroaches since the dawn of civilization, or at least since we started living indoors in enclosed spaces and doing our cooking inside. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take to minimize your possibility of getting roaches in the first place and also effectively get rid of roaches if you have an infestation. Here are five things to make sure you do as soon as possible.

1. Remove Food Sources

Right away, it is critical that you remove what is likely the root of the problem: food. Food smells and chemicals are what attract roaches in the first place, so by getting rid of all food that they might be able to get to, you are depriving them of what they want. Make sure to clean all surfaces that touch food at the end of every day, and keep all of your fresh and dry food items properly stored in air-tight, sealed containers.

2. Remove Water Sources

Cockroaches are often driven indoors by their desire for water. When you remove any possible water sources, you will work towards effectively eliminating your roach population. Think creatively here. Where do you have water sitting or leaking around the house? Any stagnant or standing water sources should be dumped, and leaking pipes should be repaired.

3. Clean Up

Even a few crumbs in the corner of a room can bring in the cockroaches, so it is necessary that you do a major clean sweep if trying to get rid of a roach infestation. Roaches love dark corners, secret hiding places and areas that are dirty, dusty and untidy. Clean up to eliminate any food particles that might be left behind, as well as to get rid of any potential roach hiding places.

4. Seal Cracks

Next, make sure your house is well insulated and that there aren’t any leaks, cracks or small spaces that might be allowing the roaches to enter. Remember, roaches can get through tiny openings that you might not even be able to see.

5. Use Bait Product to Eliminate the Source

Even after taking the precautions above, it is still important to take the most important step in getting rid of your roach population. Use a slow-acting bait or gel that tackles the root of the problem. Combat pest solutions kill your roach population slowly and thoroughly, working to eliminate your cockroaches and their nest. To explore more about how Combat roach solutions work, check out more of our pest control tips and how-to’s.