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With So Many Ant Killing Products on the Shelf, Which is the Right One?

If your home has seen a recent ant invasion, a trip to your local big box store might be a tad confusing. The shelves are filled with sprays, powders, traps, killer stakes, and dusts.

There’s no shortage of ant killing products (lavender scented ant killer anyone?). But there’s a right way and a wrong way to rid your home of ants and unfortunately many products lining the selves are not as safe, quick, and efficient as Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips, Source Kill Ant Bait, and Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel.

Many ant killers rely on an old powder that kills ants slowly. They eat it and it plugs up their digestive systems. The ants who ingest these products literally die from constipation. Meanwhile, 20, 30, or 50 feet from your home, a queen ant is pumping out larvae as fast as the powder can kill the critters on your counter.

Ant sprays have the same drawbacks. You can hose down all the ants in your house (if you love to have insecticide floating around your kitchen) but you are only killing the ants you see. Insect sprays do nothing to solve the long-term problems posed by the production of workers at the local ant colony. Besides, if you want to kill the ants marching across your counters, you can simply spray them with window cleaner.

That brings us back to Combat, which is formulated with a mixture of ant-enticing food and ant-killing insecticide. Simply take the bait stations out of the package and place them in areas where you see ants. Combat starts killing the ants you see—and the thousands living in colony—within hours. The poisoned ants make their way back to the nest and the queen and workers begin dying off within a week. So next time you go to the store you can walk right by the numerous ant killing products and pick up Combat.