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Will Vinegar Stop Ants from Invading?

If you are looking for a natural remedy to resolve your pest issue, you may want to reconsider. While some people say that using a substance like vinegar is a quality remedy for ants, it rarely does the job effectively. Instead, it is better to rely on products that were designed to eliminate ants.


Ants Have a Strong Bond


It is smart to avoid natural remedies like vinegar because ants have a strong bond with the other ants that live in their colony. If you kill one of them, that’s going to affect the hundreds or thousands back in the nest that may find their way into your home next. For this reason, many people prefer to use actual pest control products that have been tested for this use. Products like baits, bait strips, and gel do not kill the ant initially. Instead, the ant eats the bait and shares it with their nestmates. This creates a domino-like killing effect, eliminating several ants at once.


Other Options


It is common for ants to create mounds along the exterior of a home or street. These small holes are often pathways to the colony where more ants live. If you start to see this type of activity, it is important to treat the source. If you try to kill one or two ants that are away from their colony, you will likely see more appearing later. Also, make sure that you secure the points of entry around your home by caulking gaps or cracks. This way, ants will have a harder time creating a trail into your home.

Using products you’d readily find around your home, like vinegar, is not a real approach to ant control. If you’re interested in going the “DIY” route, you have other options. Rather than calling an exterminator, you can buy pest control products that you can implement yourself, such as Combat baits, bait strips, or gel.