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What Bugs Bug You?

Of all the pests to find in or around your living space, some are just simple annoyances and some are pretty creepy. There are those, however, that are genuinely unnerving. What bugs bug you the most? These are some of the tiny critters you definitely don’t want to run into.


Venomous Spiders


There are hundreds of house spiders that you can find in your basement or attic, and while they may look scary, these insects are typically easy to scoop up in a glass and take outside. However, the story is different if you see a black, bulbous spider with a red hourglass shape on its abdomen, or a brown, spindly and violin-shaped spider. The Black Widow and Brown Recluse are some highly venomous spiders that you won’t want to go near. If you see one of these little guys, it’s best to leave them alone. If you see them on more than one occasion, it could be a dangerous problem, especially if you have children. They are more susceptible to health complications from venomous bites.



It doesn’t matter where you hear it, the unmistakable buzz of a mosquito in your ear is enough to make anyone stop whatever they’re doing, jump in the air and appear to have a violent dispute with their own head. These pests will not let up, making them an obvious answer to the question, what bugs bug you most? Mosquitos aren’t just annoying. They can carry a range of deadly diseases, including the dreaded Malaria. There’s even more bad news for those in America. Mosquitos can now carry the West Nile Virus, originally found in Africa.


Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are probably the worst bug on this list because, even though they don’t have venom or diseases, they attack you when you are most vulnerable. They are one of the worst infestations to deal with. Bed bugs live in nooks and crevices, such as the seams of your mattress or behind bed boards. If that’s not bad enough, they hide during the day and come out to bite you while you sleep at night, usually from a nest that is not too far away.

In order to deal with an infestation, you need to take serious control measures to ensure all of your clothes, furniture, and your entire home have been treated for bed bugs. These bugs are enough to make you want to move out, but even then you might find that they followed you to your next home. All of this makes the bed bug the surest answer to the question of what bugs bug you most.