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Top 5 Pests That Can Invade Your Home

Home is a supposed to be a safe spot for relaxation, family time, and maybe some peace and quiet. Nothing can make your house feel less like “home sweet home” than an infestation of pests. While typical pests may differ depending on your home’s geographical region, there are five common pests that can invade your home if you’re not careful.




Tiny, persistent, and always abundant, ants can be an especially annoying pest. They can always seem to find their way indoors through even the smallest of cracks. Ants are found nearly everywhere in the world. Although most types of ants are harmless, they sure can be obnoxious to have around and are hard to eliminate.


Bees and Wasps


With their stingers and yellow and black striped bodies, these winged insects often strike fear into the hearts of homeowners. These insects can make their homes nearly anywhere that is left unattended. It is not uncommon for people to discover hornets’ nests or bee hives in abandoned cars, quiet attics, or within woodpiles. Being stung by a wasp or bee is very painful but being stung can be fatal for people who are allergic.




These nasty nocturnal bugs love humid, moist areas, and they can get especially abundant in densely populated areas where lots of food, water, and shelter are available. These pests can carry diseases such as E. coli and salmonella, and they can contaminate any food left out in the open.




Flies can be found anywhere humans are located because humans provide their sources of food. Garbage, animal waste, rotting food, and any gross matters can attract flies. Flies can transmit nasty diseases, and they are a nuisance to have around.




With their eight legs, multiple eyes, and various hiding spots, spiders are considered one of the most feared creepy-crawlies. Spiders can be found anywhere, but they love to inhabit small nooks and crannies where they can make webs, undisturbed, to trap their prey. Spiders are actually very beneficial, as they feast on smaller insects, such as mosquitos, roaches, and flies. They help keep the pest population under control.

To avoid these common pests, make sure to keep your home clean and free of clutter or good hiding spots for these bugs. Clean up messes as soon as possible, don’t leave food out, and make sure your windows and doors have tight seals. Install screens on windows and doors to help keep out any pesky insects, and try to clean out any dark corners or undisturbed areas at least once a month to discourage bugs from sticking around.