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Is There a Paint That Deters Cockroaches From the Home?

As companies around the world get more creative in the fight against house pests, new products seem to spawn almost daily. Whether you’re talking about sound devices meant to drive bugs and rodents away through ultrasonic frequencies or other adventurous approaches, there always seems to be a new way to solve a problem that’s as old as indoor homes themselves. What about the supposed anti-cockroach paints that are coming to market?

Depending on the goal of the specific product in question, these paints may claim to make wall surfaces repel scaling critters by making them too slick for access. Other paints claim to outright poison roaches, killing them without the need for individual traps. But are these products quick and convenient to use, and more importantly, do they work? The answers in both cases: probably not to a point where they’re more effective than tried-and-true methods of removal and prevention.


Why Roaches Invade


To understand the cockroach conundrum, you must first understand what drives them. Fortunately, this isn’t difficult: roaches want food, water and shelter from the elements. They’re known to infest homes of all types, but are especially attracted to houses where hydration, food waste and crumbs are freely available. Therefore, one’s first priority always should be discouraging these insects by keeping the home clean and food stuffs tightly sealed.

Additionally, make sure that the outside of your home is well protected. Seal off cracks in walls or gaps that bugs might sneak in through. Clear away bushes, dead leaves and wood piles, leaving at least a foot of space between your exterior walls and these roach-friendly platforms.


How to Get Rid of Them


It’s difficult to state whether these newer paint products will be an effective long-term response to roach problems. The idea of finishing one’s interior with a poisonous paint might not be appealing to all audiences, especially those with children or pets. Similarly, trying to deter cockroaches through unsavory scents or situations is a shaky proposition at best.

Gel baits and bait stations are a great way to halt to the advancement of cockroach populations in residential buildings. That’s because unlike paints or sprays that are designed to kill on contact, a bait station’s battle strategy is to hit bugs where they live: the nest. By utilizing slow-acting poisons, roaches are more likely to unknowingly distribute them throughout a colony, wiping it out with a domino-style effect.


History Lessons


While it’s impossible to say with certainty that any new product is completely without merit, it’s reasonable to assume that when cockroaches are present in your pad, you want trusted solutions. You will want to find a product with a reputation for results that last, particularly when coupled with good, basic prevention strategies as outlined above.