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How to Prevent or Get Rid Of Ants or Roaches in Your Dorm Room

Moving into a dorm can be one of life’s most exciting experiences. Meeting new friends, getting out from under parents and siblings, obtaining an education, and… oh yeah, sharing a tiny room with a total stranger in a building full of questionable characters whose sanitary habits might have been learned at the Bronx Zoo.

Chances are your dorm encounters are going to involve more than eccentric drama students, egocentric business majors, and party animals. They might also include lines of ants across your desk and roaches scurrying under your mini-fridge.

Like many college students, ants and roaches live together in large numbers and mostly think about eating, drinking, and breeding. Dorm rooms, filled with snacks, crumbs, old packages of beef jerky, and other food waste, act as a magnet for the crawly critters. The best way to avoid having your study time interrupted by a roach skittering across your laptop is to keep your room clean. Get rid of the garbage every day and check under beds and furniture for stray potato chips and cookies. Put all of your dry food in Tupperware containers and never leave anything out. That way, when the inevitable ants and roaches come a-calling, they’ll go to your messy neighbor’s room instead of yours. If the problem persists, ant and roach bait traps will rid your room of pests while also killing those breeders back in the nests.

Be aware, ants are a nuisance but roaches are coprophagous. That means they will eat anything including garbage and fecal matter. When they trek across your bed and walls, they might be spreading bacteria like Salmonella. This waste, along with decaying cockroach corpses becomes a fine powder which can trigger allergies and asthma attacks when inhaled. If you can’t keep your dorm room clean for your own comfort, do it so you don’t carry disgusting critters back home. After all, your parents are probably spending enough on college to buy a new luxury car every year. Thank them by leaving cockroach stowaways and ant larvae at the old alma mater.