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How to Prevent Ants from Getting in the Home

Ants outnumber humans something like 140,000 to 1 so if you have a family of 4 there’s… let’s see… a whole lotta ants in your yard. And that’s where you want to keep them, in your yard.

Ants are not just numerous, they’re also tenacious. If a single ant scout finds its way into your kitchen, it’s going to leave a scent trail directly back to the colony which countless other ants will follow. You can kill the trail of ants on the counter, but that won’t balance the invasion equation. You have to regularly wipe down all surfaces on tables and countertops with a mild bleach or vinegar solution to clear away the scent trails. Food should be in air-tight containers and crumbs need to be regularly removed from under stoves, toasters, and around baseboards.

To keep ants out of your house and out of your life caulk is your best friend. Seal cracks around doors, windows, pipes, utility lines, and any other tiny entry point into your abode. This work is doubly beneficial since it will also help keep out roaches and spiders, along with drafts and cold air.

Once your house is fortified, it’s time to do some outdoor ant removal. Ants live in compost and wood piles, trash bins, and rotting leaf piles. Relocate these ant hidey holes as far from your foundation as possible.

Now that your main ant prevention efforts over, it’s time to plan ahead. Buy some ant baits and place them around the house where the critters might be found. The persistent ants that foil your best efforts will eat the bait and take some back to the colony to kill the queen. In the long run you will outnumber the ants in your house 1 to none. And with those kinds of odds you won’t have to worry about ants in your pants, or anywhere else.