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How to Get Rid of Ants – 3 Quick Tips That Work





Ants enter your home for two basic reasons - food and water. But you can get rid of ants foraging in you kitchen as easy as one-two-three by taking counter measures to keep your kitchen counters ant-free.

Step One - Clean It Up: Where you see a tiny drop of spilled soda, bacon grease splatter, or donut crumbs, foraging ants smell an opportunity. The critters will generally stay outdoors unless you provide motivation for invasion. Clean up all spills, scrub away grease around the stove and other appliances, throw out rotting fruit, and vacuum up food crumbs around the toaster, along the baseboards, and in cupboards where food is stored. Place open packages of cookies, candy, and other sweets in airtight containers. This effort will not only ward off ants, but cockroaches, mice, flies, and other pests.

Step Two - Close Up Cracks: Ants may be tiny but they’re persistent. If they detect food, they’ll crawl up walls, slip through cracks, and march though muck. You need to erect barricades to keep the critters out. Make sure your exterior doors have door sweeps at the bottom. Seal windows, doors, and cracks in the foundation with caulk. Check out the places where cables and pipes enter the home and seal up the cracks around the utility lines. These efforts will not only keep out ants, but cold winter winds as well.

Step Three - Go to War with Combat: While crevice sealing and cleanliness count, ants might invade anyway. Combat Source Kill Ant Bait and Source Kill Max Ant Killing Gel will take care of those tenacious ants that defy your best efforts to keep them out. By combining food with specially formulated nerve poison, Combat not only kills the ants that parade across your countertop, but it also kills off queens, larvae, and worker ants in outdoor colonies. Ants take the bait home, share it with their nest mates, and it kills the critters that have not yet visited your kitchen. One-two-three, and the ants are gone.