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How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it can be an incredibly fun experience. You do not want your time in another city to be dampened by accidentally picking up bed bugs. These pests are a real annoyance, and it is best to stop yourself from getting them altogether rather than risk bringing them back home with you. 


Inspect Your Hotel Room


Bed bugs are prone to popping up in hotels because a wide variety of people stay and sleep there. A single person is enough to lead to an outbreak, so before you hit the sack, check your room for the presence of pests. Bed bugs mostly stay around beds, and you should check every area, including the box spring, mattress tufts and seams, nearby upholstery and bedside dressers. These pests are small but not impossible to see with the naked eye. Keep a look out for small, flat bugs that are reddish-brown in color.


Keep Your Luggage Elevated


By keeping your suitcase on the floor, there is a chance that any bed bugs crawling around on the ground will get in or lay eggs on your belongings. It is a good idea to keep all personal belongings in elevated areas where the bed bugs cannot reach, like hanging clothes in the closet. Bed bugs do not have wings, so they will be unable to reach certain areas. 


Seek Different Accommodations If You See Something


Even if you see a single bed bug and squash it, that likely will not solve the problem. Where there is one bed bug, there is bound to be more, so speak with someone at the hotel about the issue. Do not get a room that is next door to the one you had because it is possible for infestations to spread from one room to the next.


Clean Everything When You Get Home


Even if you think everything went fine on your trip, it never hurts to play it safe. Keep your bags in the garage and immediately wash all your clothes. You should also thoroughly clean out your suitcase in case any bugs or eggs have attached themselves inside. It is a particularly good idea to vacuum the inside and outside of your luggage just in case any bugs or eggs have made their way into the cracks and crevices that are hard to reach.

It is possible to get bed bugs in more scenarios than staying at an infested hotel. While it is impossible to completely eliminate your chances of attracting bed bugs, there are certain steps you should take to drastically reduce your chances of getting them.